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TAS Stores prides itself on providing the highest quality and quantity of certified cocoa and coffee beans in Sierra Leone that exceed international certification standards.









Since 2013, TAS Stores have been focusing to expand its program of farmer trainings which aims to increase their productivity and income. We are also venturing into block-farming schemes with the aim to increase plantations' area and yield, that ensures sustainability on both sides of the demand and supply value chain.

Our teams are working closely with farmers to encourage them in planting more cocoa and coffee seedlings with the aim of not just improving the quantity being planted, but also improving the quality and management of what is planted.

The dedication and hard work of the IMS team backed up by its good management have led to recognized improvements in the quality and quantity of the farms and products (cocoa & coffee).

Over the years, both TAS Stores and the farmers have witnessed the huge impact such projects are bringing to them, their families and their communities.


Certifications are valuable and necessary tools to monitor standard quality farming practices. Control Union is our main certification partner; and since we started certification our products are both organic and Fairtrade certified.

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EU Organic

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USDA Organic

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Fairtrade  Certified


Natural and Organic

The growth of the organic food market has encouraged us to focus on organic certification. We have since certified and registered over 9,000 cocoa and 2,000 coffee farmers. We also had our IMS team train our farmers on the required farming practices.


Since Sierra Leone is blessed with rich soil, there is no need for artificial fertilizers and chemicals. Therefore, our products are 100% organic.

Sierra Leone's cocoa has a renowned name in the European market for its high quality. It's cocoa is said to blend with cocoa from other countries of lower quality to have an average one.

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We are proud of our premium high quality cocoa and coffee beans through which we have maintained long years of strong business relationships with our customers across the world.


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